As a law enforcement range instructor, I have found the SureSight to be an invaluable tool particularly for shooters with less than perfect eyesight. In the case of shooters wearing bifocals or with depth perception issues, the Sure Sight has virtually eliminated the need for one to assume an artificial head position to obtain an accurate sight picture. As a user of the Sure Sight, I have found it to be the first sight system that allows an immediate clear front sight picture without interference from the rear sight, resulting in noticeably more accurate shot placement.

Eric Bagdikian 
Boulder, Colorado Sheriff's Department

I recently installed a set of SureSights on my personally owned Glock 22 duty weapon, and after several weeks of evaluation I feel compelled to share my thoughts with as many people as possible.

Before I installed the SureSights I shot a modified version of my departments standard qualification course, eliminating the kneeling stage and simulating the barricade stage. These changes were due to shooting at an indoor range that would not allow kneeling and had no barricades available.

With the standard Glock sights I scored 49 out of 50. With the SureSights I scored 50 out of 50. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. I also timed both runs using a stop watch which I paused between stages. These results, while not as scientific as using a Pact timer, were really impressive. The time difference between the two was 7.3 seconds, a huge difference in my opinion.

I also showed these sights to my future father-in-law (who is in his fifties), he liked the ease in which they lined up and was very impressed with the large and bright sight picture. He remarked that these sights were perfect for someone with diminishing eyesight due to age.

So no one is confused, these are not night sights per-se. They do not glow but the yellow inserts are so bright, and the shape of the front sight is so distinct, that I am convinced that I don’t need them to glow. Turning off all the lights in my apartment at around 0100 hours I was able to pick up the front sight using the street lights filtering through the shaded windows. When using my M3 light I can even make out the yellow inserts.

The rear sight is shaped like the bottom half of a triangle, while the front sight is a very large inverted “V”. When properly aligned they form a triangle. I have tried numerous different sighting systems, and had settled on the AO Sights Big Dot set-up, until I tried the SureSights. I am now convinced that this sight system is hands down the fastest and best combat sighting system available. But don’t just take it from me, I showed the SureSights around work and 12 of the 15 officers I showed them to are in the process of ordering their own sets. As a matter of fact one of our firearms instructors is contemplating ordering his own set; he’s just waiting to do some test firing of my weapon first.

Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections

As a member of an Emergency Response Team responsible for terrorist interdiction, I am always interested in new equipment that can make me more effective at my job. I have found SureSight to be fast and easy to align in both daytime and low light conditions. They are currently in use on my daily carry Glock.

Eli Hazen 
Matityahu, Israel

SureSight has a strong emphasis on front sight acquisition, which makes them very quick. With the human eye having a tendency to center objects it was very simple to center the front sight on top of the rear quickly. They also seem to give me a slight advantage in accuracy. I enjoy shooting with these sights.

Michael Hicks

For Defense and CCW I would recommend these hands down.

Dave White

These sights are great! I found pin point shooting not a problem. The sights shine when it comes to rapid shooting. I can’t believe how they performed in rapid fire. It’s very easy to focus on the target and let the sights align themselves.. I have had a set for a long time now. I am up and well over 2000rds now with them on. I shoot better and better every time I shoot. I have become so proficient with them I keep both eyes open and focus on the target and the sights are kind of fuzzy, but they line right up and I can hit center mass every time. They almost become translucent while I focus on my target. When I first got my Glock I was shooting horrible low and left. These sights help me right out. My cold shots from a draw have drastically improved and so hase follow up shots.


I shoot four or five IDPA matches a month and burn probably another 400 rounds at the training pits every month also. The sights have been perfect.

I am 59 years old and although I have always shot guns, I never tried any “action” pistol shooting until last spring. My eyes have been terrible and I have been wearing glasses since I was in grade school. I now wear progressive lenses (no-line trifocals), so I can’t even sight through the right part of my glasses when I look at the sights. The Sure Sights have been a life saver for me (besides attracting attention from everyone who sees them).

I started this game a little late in life and never expect to be a top gun but I usually finish in the top third of my IDPA classification and I always say that is pretty good for a half blind old man. I was at a local IDPA match and a guy and I struck up a conversation about sights on Glocks and he showed me his carry gun,Glock 27,with the Sure Sights. I was impressed. I am 58 years old and have worn eyeglasses since elementary school and now wear progressive bifocals. Needless to say I have a hard time seeing my sights on any gun. I was able to line these yellow glowing triangle looking sight better than my current Heinie/Dawson set up.

I spent about two hours at the indoor range yesterday and the sights worked great. I was able to tear the head and chest out of a silhouette target. Point of aim was right on after a small left/right adjustment. I shot all the way to 30 yards which was max at this range. The front sight just seems to float in mid air and when the triangle is complete and on the target I was dead on. They have helped my IDPA scores remarkably and really help these old eyes get on target.

I think a lot of folks can benefit from this set up and not just us “Old Guys”!

Frank of Glocktalk.com

For several weeks I have been testing an exceptionally unique pistol sight on my Glock-23 carry pistol. It is called the SureSight.

The purpose of the sight is close range self-defense shooting. It’s not a long range precision sight, although I was able to consistently hit a 2/3 torso-size steel target at 25 yards with it. Rather, it is intended for up close and personal self-defense situations where sight visibility and speed are essential (under 15 yards). For this purpose the SureSight excels.

I was trained long ago to focus on the front sight when shooting pistols, but now that my eyes are getting older I can’t focus as precisely as before. For those with older eyes like mine, this sight works great.

With the SureSight I can focus on the target, and still see the large neon-yellow triangle in my peripheral vision well enough to keep the sights properly aligned. Or I can focus on the large front sight, which is much easier to see and line up than normal front sights.

At ten yards and under I was able to shoot baseball size groups rapid fire (2-3 shots per second) either way: focusing on the front sight or focusing on the target. At 15 yards, I was able to keep all shots on a paper plate target, rapid fire.

The sights are made of black steel with large, bright, neon-yellow plastic inserts that form a yellow triangle when correctly lined up. They are rugged, well made, easy to install, and look like they will last.

Just superimpose the tip of the triangle on the center of the target and shoot. That’s all there is to it. Even inexperienced shooters can hit with it right from the start.

Unlike most sights, the bright yellow triangle seems to line itself up automatically. I never had to concentrate on it, and yet the sights always seemed to be lined up. It was almost magical the way the sight wanted to align itself, regardless of whether focusing on the front sight or the target.

The SureSight isn’t a night sight, but the large neon-yellow inserts are more visible, even in dim light, than any other pistol sight I have used, including night sights. It is only in near total darkness that the sight fades.

When using a Glock Tac Light on my Glock-23 in total darkness, the front sight stands out and is easy to aim. Not because of the yellow inserts (which can’t be seen by Tac Light), but because of its unique shape. The front sight itself is large and diamond shaped, and easy to align quickly by Tac Light.

The front sight is a unique snag-free design, unlike any other I’ve ever seen. And although it appears large, my Glock-23 still fits all the same holsters it did before. The rear sight is lower than most rear sights, and also snag-free.

Over the years I have tried just about every type of pistol sight made, and the SureSight is the fastest, easiest to align, most highly visible, close range defense sight I’ve ever used.

V Creed of Glocktalk.com