WARNING: Before starting, make absolutely certain your weapon is unloaded!

ATTENTION: Please note the following:

  • If you are not extremely comfortable with installing the sights yourself (and preferably experienced with it, as well) please seek professional installation from a competent gunsmith.
  • Due to the unique shape of our sights, sight pusher tools will not work with SureSight.
  • While the fluorescent yellow coating is designed to be tough, nothing is indestructible.  Please use common sense and avoid abusing them.  Do not expose them to prolonged contact to caustic solvents.  If chemicals do contact them, wipe them off as soon as possible.  Avoid applying direct force to the coating (especially when installing them

NOTE: Before using sights, please be sure to read the care and use section of these instructions.

Before beginning, strip down the pistol in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures.

Step 1: Remove the old sights from the slide and thoroughly clean the sight well and/or dovetail(s).

After removing the old sights, thoroughly clean all surfaces and assure they are free of any debris or even minor residue.

Step 2: Rear sight installation (All models)

First, make sure the rear sight fits into the dovetail groove. If it does not fit, carefully reduce the width of the sight be using a fine file on the sight’s dovetail. Check frequently to assure you do not inadvertently remove too much material.

Once you are satisfied the sight will fit, use a brass or nylon punch and a hammer to drive the sight into the dovetail. Using calipers to check that the sight is centered can be helpful. Take great care that the punch you are using does not slip off the dovetail section and contact the yellow coating. Direct and forceful contact in this way could cause the coating to chip.

Step 3: Front Sight Installation

Front sight installation (For GLOCK Front Sights)

First, clean all contacting surfaces of the slide so that they are free of any dirt or debris.

Place a small drop of Loctite® or similar adhesive onto the internal threads of the front sight, and another drop onto the threads of the retaining screws.

Place the sight into the hole in the slide, so that the bright yellow coating is facing the shooter and the sight is properly seated all the way into the hole in the slide.

While holding the sight in place with a finger, turn the slide upside down and screw in the sight retaining screw using a thin-walled 3/16” nut driver. After assembly, allow a minimum of 8 hours for the adhesive to dry.

Front sight installation (For Sig & XD Front Sights)

Follow the same procedure as for the rear sight, taking great care to tap the sight in only by the dovetail section, and avoiding striking the yellow coating.


NOTE: SureSight works differently from traditional notch and post sights, and for some people, there is a learning curve. Please allow yourself several range sessions to get used to it.

To align SureSight, the ENTIRE front sight is visually “stacked” on top of the rear sight. When alignment occurs, you will see a complete triangle. Bullet impact should be at the very tip of the triangle.

There is an “elevation dot” on the front sight. The dot is there to help you consistently judge elevation more accurately. If the dot disappears, your shots will strike too low.

Since SureSight works with everyone’s inborn ability to complete shapes, not much focus is necessary on the rear sight. Alignment typically occurs naturally.

After a small amount of practice, it should also be possible to stare at the target and get a rough sight picture. Although the sights will appear blurry, your mind will tend to automatically complete the triangle. With your eyes focused on the target, it is possible to get a useable sight picture while both your eyes are focused intently on the target.

The fluorescent yellow coating on your sight is also luminescent. This means that if exposed to light, it will glow. A few 3-10 second charge can yield 10-30 minutes of visible glow, depending on conditions. This feature is intended for situations where you know in advance that you will need a glowing sight, and you have time to charge it. (For example police officers performing building searches or a competitor at a night match.)